Pump Islands

Pump Islands

Let the Hunter Pump Island help you appeal to your customer.

Success is in the presentation! No More Required Maintenance!

Our Pump Island Protector system uses polished 304 #4 20 gauge Stainless Steel and 5000 pound compression strength concrete to permanently reface your pump island. With the prep of new concrete and the wrapping with stainless steel, we are preserving your pump islands to last a number of years. By using Stainless Steel you’re getting the look that you’ve always wanted and eliminating the constant maintenance you have been doing for years. Stainless Steel is used because it is something that has been around for decades and has proven to hold up to chemicals and any weather conditions. It is one of today’s most desired decorative and functional materials.

Hunter Pump Islands

110 N. Industrial Highway
Alpena, Michigan 49707